Lindsay House - A Manawa, Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast

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The joy of innkeeping at the Lindsay House

The number one question that I am asked is “what made you want to own a Bed & Breakfast”. I am not sure this can be answered simply; however let’s give it a try. It has been a dream of mine for the last 20 years or so to own a bed & breakfast, unsure of how that seed was planted but it was planted just the same. Tim was instrumental in finding the Lindsay House and when we walked in, I immediately felt that I had come home. Many of our guests use the words homey, comfortable, and restful to describe their stay with us. That is so much a tribute to this home that has stood the test of time. Being an innkeeper is such a joy, offering people a place to rest & recuperate in this hustle & bustle world is nothing short of magical. Meeting people right where they are in their life and extending hospitality and helping them along their journey is truly special.

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