Food & Friendship

January 16th, 2010 by Judy Trull

Pat & JudyMy friend Pat & I started a tradition several years ago (probably more like 10, but saying several makes me feel younger) of traveling to different Bed & Breakfasts to meet and spend a girls weekend together. We found ourselves at a B&B in Bluffton Indiana; it was about ½ ways for each of us, Pat travelling from Southern Illinois and me from Michigan. A lot of coffee, laughter and food were had on those special weekends.  Pat & I were able to catch up on each others lives in a way that cards, letters, the phone and computers somehow don’t allow.  Our Innkeepers became friends after a few years, they were accommodating and wonderful. Gene & Ruthann knew just when to come into the room and when to leave us by ourselves to catch up.  When the opportunity to purchase an Inn in beautiful Manawa WI came our way, Tim and I were both excited.  I shared my excitement with Pat, and I believe for both of us there was a touch of sadness to our news as well. She could come and be a part of our Inn during her visit, however it wouldn’t be the same as when we both took a vacation from our separate lives and it would be all about us for just that weekend.  We have owned the Inn for 5 years, and Pat has visited me each year, I am sometimes blessed by a visit from her twice a year. We have lots of fun each time she visits, each visit really being as unique as each of us and what we bring to our friendship.  I have been reminded this weekend of how blessed I am to have the friends that I have had and continue to have throughout my lifetime. There is a special bond between girlfriends that isn’t easily duplicated.  I have guests this weekend, 2 girlfriends enjoying their time together, catching up with each other’s lives, sharing memories and making new ones, all shared over delicious breakfasts, glasses of wine, diet cokes and snacks.

As women we do appreciate the connection between food and friendship.


A big thank you to all of my friends, for their love & support, and to Miss Pat, thanks for the B&B weekends that inspired me to become an Innkeeper and pass along the joys of food & friendship to my guests.