A Sap(py) Story

March 8th, 2010 by Judy Trull

I have had the good fortune of meeting some fabulous people since I have become an Innkeeper, not only our guests, but people who have befriended me in the wonderful community that is Manawa. My family and I were privileged to be invited out to ” The sap shed” to take part in a family tradition.  A tradition that is 100 or so years old, collecting sap from the trees on the family property and than they boil it down to make the delicious maple syrup that we serve at our Inn.  To be involved in the collecting followed by the camaraderie that is the sap shed.  They cook out and we all bring a dish or two to pass, it is a fabulous time.  I was able to share that with my husband Tim, as well as my daughter Morgan and her significant other Jeff.  Jeff being from the “Big City”, I think it was a fun time for him and he just got right in there no worries at all.  It was fun to see he & Morgan enjoying their time together as well as doing something new to the both of them.  To be part of a discovery type of moment in my daughters life as well as the lives of those she cares about is special to be sure.  So thank you to our friends and their extended family, for treating us as one of their own and allowing us to take part in their lives.  I look forward to many more sap seasons. Included is the link for a youtube video that our friends son put together that gives some more details. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVXeBOl4fXY