April 26th, 2010 by Judy Trull

Our first cooking class was this past Saturday April 24th here at the Lindsay House Bed & Breakfast.  3 friends joined us and what a good time we had.  Lots of conversation and laughter and learning was done.  Pat Latch, my very dear friend and seasoned home cook and professed foodie was a wonderful teacher, engaging and inviting the participants to be hands on.  Teaching the difference between a habanero and a Fresno pepper, not only teaching but slicing them open and having her students give the peppers the nasal appraisal so that they might be able to note the differences no matter how subtle in the flavor and heat of the peppers.

Pat’s Pico de Gallo was the first thing to be made as it requires the most chopping, and everyone had a chance to clean the cilantro, which is a running  joke with Pat and I as it isn’t the funnest part of making the Pico.  Next came the guacamole which is just this side of heaven. Pat does add some of her Pico to the guacamole which just amps up the flavor.  Fajitas & quesadillas were also made, and tacos, with the fresh shells fried crispy.  It most certainly was a bounty on the table and enjoyed by everyone.  Thanks to all who participated in our cooking class and for making it so much fun, and to our illustrious creative teacher & fellow foodie Pat Latch for her friendship and creativity and her kindness to share both with us.