September 14th, 2010 by Judy Trull

It is long overdue that I give a shout out to Jen Grady who along with her husband Joe,who came along as support staff, came out to the B&B this past year and took many of the photographs that currently adorn our website.  They are alot of fun, bouncing ideas off of one another, seamlessly working together.  I found them to be professional and very willing to collaborate with me in regards to what I wanted for the photos as well as not bashful about asking for props and different things to set the stage and invite you in to the photograph.  I found many of the pictures they took to be engaging and inviting which is certainly what we were looking for.  Jen, who formerly was with Stepping Stones Photography,  now has her own website and blog. Take a moment to check it out,  and also take the time to check her out on Facebook as well.  Jen rocked our photos and I hope that she will return in the future to once again cast a knowledgable and creative lens on our bed and breakfast and bring the beauty of it to the foreground.