Apple Picking in Waupaca County

September 26th, 2011 by Judy Trull

It’s that time of year again where our generous friends ask if we would like apples, and I of course, always say “sure”.  It is then that all the apple recipes you can think of and some you had never thought of come out of hiding.  This year we canned apple pie filling, a first for me.  Applesauce, which we use in baking recipes in place of oil to keep it a bit healthier.  We also just peeled and sliced them and put them in bags to freeze, to be used later for muffins, breads and toppings for waffles, french toast and pancakes.  Any way you slice it, being able to can or freeze fresh produce that you have picked yourself and you are confident of the source and the care that goes into growing the apples, that is a big thing and something we are proud to offer our guests.  One more way we can bring the pride of Wisconsin to our table each and every morning.