Better way for future stays

January 12th, 2012 by Judy Trull

Sitting here on a snowy morning it seems hard to believe just yesterday we saw people out walking around in shorts and t-shirts.  How quickly things can change with regards to weather and life.  In talking to guests and future guests the number one concern is finding that perfect time to get away, and how will we do it, the planning and so forth.  Sometimes the best things in life are spur of the moment, opportunities that present themselves and if not grabbed right then will be gone as fast as they appeared.  You may be asking yourself how is she tying this into the bed and breakfast?, and here it is. Purchase a gift certificate either for yourself or a friend, co-worker or family member today, and they can use them for those spur of the moment future stays.  When you have what is essentially a day or 2 stay in your hand, your more likely to put yourself at the top of the list and take the time you need with one another to enjoy life and reconnect.  You can purchase gift certificates on our website or you can call us directly, either way, you and your loved ones are worth the investment of time.