Mancation…Manawa Style

February 2nd, 2012 by Judy Trull

shoe reduxFor those of you out there who maybe have never thought of a bed and breakfast, or have only thought that it’s just for women…think again. There are lots of things to do that are geared for men as well as women. So ladies here is something that you can do for the man in your life and have fun with him as well, doing things that he likes to do. There are many other things in our area to do as well, such as cross country skiing, snow shoeing, snowmobiling, or simply hanging out with one another.  Enjoy some time away with each other with beer, bowling and bar food. Kegler’s Bowling Center has lots to offer for a night of fun, 3 games of bowling each along with drinks and food ($35 value). In the morning enjoy a cup of coffee, cocoa, hot tea or cider at our coffee bar located just outside your door, followed by breakfast in the dining room fit for a King. 1 night stay $160 + tax, 2 night stay $280 + tax