Valentine’s Day Ideas

February 2nd, 2015

There are some fun things happening around Waupaca County to help you and that special someone in your life celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Perhaps the standard flowers and chocolates don’t hold any appeal for either of you.  So here are some things happening in the Waupaca County area to help you celebrate that special day.

Wega Arts in downtown Weyauwega is celebrating Valentines Day 2015 with a Cajun Feast and a Mardi Gras bash featuring Copperbox, the accordion fueled rock band to get you up and out on the dance floor. This event is the Wega Arts Winter fundraiser and there will be games and auction items throughout the evening.Doors open at 5:30pm with appetizers and cash bar featuring Central Waters Beer and Hurricanes! Cajun Dinner will be served starting at 6:30 pm and Copper Box will start at about 7:30 pm.Tickets are $45 per person and are available online at and at the Coffee Klatsch in Weyauwega and the Book Cellar in Waupaca.
Please purchase or reserve tickets by2/7/2015.

The New London Public Museum and Grand Cinema Theaters team up to bring a unique Valentines experience to town!  Listed at number 3 on the American Film Institutes 100 Best American Movies ever, Casablanca is a classic movie from Hollywood’s heyday. Filmed in 1942, the movie is set in unoccupied Africa during the early days of World War II. An American expatriate meets his former lover, but nothing in this disputed city is ever easy, not even love.

Showtime is Saturday, February 14th at 7:00pm

Ticket Price: $2.00 – the first 40 tickets purchased receive a valentine’s flower!

Bring your ticket/ticket stub to Jolly Roger’s, and receive a free cheesy garlic bread with the purchase of a pizza!

Come to the movie dressed in your favorite vintage clothes, snap a shot in our photo booth, grab some popcorn and snuggle up with your honey.

Advance tickets Are on sale at the New London Public Museum and at Grand Cinema box office.  So don’t wait, grab your tickets today!

At the Manawa Masonic Center there will be dinner and music on Saturday, February 14th. An all you care to eat buffet will be from 5 to 7 p.m. featuring Tenderloin tips, roasted chicken,potatoes, gravy, vegetables, coffee, milk, lemonade and dessert.  Music will be from 7 to 9 p.m. Bobby Daren and Sheila Marie with newcomer Maggie Marie, they are regulars on RFD Midwest Country and have performed many times in Branson.  They have put together a special show which you are sure to enjoy.  There are a limited number of tickets and the cost is $25 each in advance.  There will be a flower for each of the ladies in attendance. So come on out and enjoy a tasty dinner and fabulous entertainment in one of the most exquisite buildings in Manawa.

Fire on Ice Snowmobile Racing begins at 9 a.m. on Saturday February 14th at the Waupaca County Fairgrounds.  Bundle up and enjoy the races and time spent with your honey.  Admission at the Gate: Daily: $15.00 Weekend:$20.00

Breakfast with Judy on You Tube

January 25th, 2015



This is the first in a series of you tube videos entitled Breakfast with Judy.  I will be sharing the delicious and easy recipes that we have shared with our guests for breakfast here at the Lindsay House Bed and Breakfast.  Breakfast is half of our name and with that in mind we will be sharing the recipes that our guests have come to enjoy.  The wonderful thing about the recipes that you will see is that they are easy to put together and really delicious.  So I hope you will tune in to this first you tube video and the future videos.


January 23rd, 2015



It is time to join in the mid-winter festivities in and around Manawa.  One of those events is the Ladies Night Out, happening Wednesday evening, February 25, 2015 from 4 to 9 p.m.  at the Manawa Masonic Center.  This event is for the 21 and over crowd, or the 21 and way over crowd in which I find myself.  It is a time to shop, sip and socialize with long time friends and friends we have yet to meet.  There will be drinks and food for sale, raffles, auctions, music, fun learn how to demos.  32 companies will be represented and have offerings of all kinds.  The evening will also be featuring Llysa Callsen ( will be the evenings comedy emcee.  Tickets are available for just $20.oo at Eastling Insurance in Manawa, Butch’s Piggly Wiggly in New London and at and at the door.  Come on out and enjoy a fabulous evening with a lot of fun and friendship, and be sure to bring a non-perishable food item to share the love with the Manawa Community Food Pantry.

Lights, Camera….action?

January 22nd, 2015




For 2015 the Lindsay House has decided to introduce a series of you tube videos.  Our tips and recipes so that our guests and future guests might enjoy making these easy to follow recipes at home.  So a schedule of events was drawn up.  A screenplay/script/shoot schedule was written.  In making the first video a learning curve, to say the least, presented itself.  I come at this goal from the vantage point of “oh yeah, that camera did video some time ago, it’s all good, it will be fine” however life not to mention the shooting of you tube videos rarely go as planned.  So after my anti technology for lack of a better word tirade, we got to work problem solving.  Thanks to a friend, we had a camera to rely on and we did a “practice” shoot.  Once the practice shoot was done, we jumped right into the making of the first “Breakfast with Judy” video.  Stay tuned for the release of our first video!

Tubing the Wolf

August 5th, 2014

TubingI can’t even think of the last time or if I have ever been “tubing”.  I thought I would be essentially floating in a huge inter-tube, not the cadillac chair I was given, it was awesome! In Symco we got in right at the Symco Bridge across from Boondocks Bar, and floated the few miles to Fahser’s bridge.  It is quite a thing to figure out how your going to carry and on what tubes, because as in many activities, it is all about the drink and the nosh.  Floating along the river, we stopped at a few sandy places along the way to keep up our strength with the occasional snack, and be able to visit with one another, and joke and talk smart.  We were passed by a group of people who clearly were enjoying the river and the beautiful day as much as we were.  The weather was perfect and so was the company, it was a great time.  Thank you to Ann, Diana, Carrie, Gina, Kimberly and Stephanie for making it a great day and a lot of fun.  So at the end of the journey is Fahser’s bridge, which it seemed like a good idea to jump off the bridge so that is just what Ann and I did.


What a great day! There is so much to do and see right here in Waupaca County, don’t miss it!

Pigeon River Brewing

August 5th, 2014

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon, my friend and I finally found the time  to go together to C&C Sales in Marion, Wisconsin.  Now for those of you who don’t know what C&C Sales is, it is an Amish grocery/dry goods store, where you can buy things like flour and sugar and other baking stuffs and groceries for a very reasonable price.  Once we arrived, and Tim was able to go in and “jones” around as we like to refer to it.  We discovered that not only do they carry a variety of grocery items they also carry some furniture, handmade rugs and other items.  One of those items being fresh fruit, it happened to be cherries that day.  You can place your order and C&C Sales will contact you once the fruit arrives, and of course we had to order fruit, more on those adventures later.

The second part of our day was stopping at Pigeon River Brewing for a bite to eat.  I have heard that their menu is very good, and we were not disappointed.  The service as well as the food was outstanding.  Blair and I split a black and blue burger and some of the best homemade fries I have ever tasted.  Seasoned just right.  Tim ordered a pizza, which of course I had to sample a piece and it was yummy as well.  Tim’s brother Thomas ordered a burger and fries and his was very tasty as well.  I am not a person who knows much about beer or the brewing thereof.  However I know enough to know that when you find people who are passionate about what they do, so much so that they want to share it with the world, that is a winning combination, and that is what Pigeon River Brewing has in spades.  So kudos to two gentleman for having a passion for brewing beer and let’s raise a toast to dreaming of big dreams.

The third part of our day was to stop at Dupont Cheese on the way back to Manawa from Marion.  I never tire of seeing all the different types of cheese and how delicious it is.  Dupont is no exception.  They have many varieties of beautiful cheeses to choose from.  Many of the dairy farms surrounding Manawa and Marion is where the cheese begins its journey as milk.  At Lindsay House Bed & Breakfast, we do our level best to keep the farmer’s in business.  Dupont is just a few minutes from Manawa on Highway 110.


Pigeon RiverPigeon River New Logo

A beautiful evening on the Wolf River

July 15th, 2014


I so enjoyed spending time with friends at their home on the river tonight.  We sat on the patio having drinks and a nosh and waited for the rain to clear so we could take the kayaks down to the river.  Diana’s mom Ahnna and her husband Ken have a beautiful place on the river, a gorgeous yard, which I understood from Ahnna is due to Ken and his green thumb.  Once the rain passed, we grabbed the kayaks and Ann and Diana kayaked around the bend in the river and back. Now to say that I went that far kayaking would be–oh I don’t know–not true.  However once I figured out how I was going to get into the kayak, which I know sounds pretty easy and maybe it is.  For me though I had to figure out how not to come into contact with the water…right away.  So once in the kayak, and Ahnna kept talking about I needed a life jacket and could I swim, sheesh, it was making me nervous.  Bless her heart, jeepers creepers I needed to get more comfortable in the kayak.  I am not going to lie, there were some tippy moments, I made the gals nervous but it all worked out.  Paddled around a bit not far from the dock I must admit, but more than I actually thought I would.  I mean let’s be honest, I thought the only place I would wind up in is the river, but that didn’t happen, woot woot!

Once back to the dock, now I had to figure out how I was going to get out without taking the proverbial bath, and that isn’t necessarily an easy thing getting out of a kayak takes a bit of finesse, and then there was the way I did it.  Which I kept dry and hoisted myself out of the kayak, of course with Ahnna and Diana holding the kayak steady and Ann in her kayak on the side.  It helps to have the support of good friends whenever trying anything new.  The support of good friends is important always.

So thanks to Diana, Ann and Ahnna for such a fun evening.  Diana and Ann are the best, such fun and up for any adventure.  Thank you to Ken and Ahnna for opening your beautiful home to us and letting us experience if just for a little while, life on the river.




May 8th, 2014

Some of you may have been wondering, and maybe not, where our April outing was or rather our April outing blogpost.  I must admit that I am a bit behind in posting about it.  Ann, Diana and I went to TDubs in Waupaca, on April 29th.  It was so nice to get together and catch up with each other on what has been happening in our little corners of the world.  T-Dubs is a warm and inviting space, with an open kitchen that you can sit at the bar and see the chef’s at work, it is really cool to watch the creative process of the kitchen staff.  We were greeted by Jenny, who I understand has been at TDubs for quite a long time, and she was our server as well and did a fabulous job, very knowledgable about the menu and the offerings of the evening.  I enjoyed a cucumber and mint wine spritzer type drink, it was fabulous, very refreshing.  Our appetizer was these cajun seasoned chips with a bleu cheese dipping sauce and let me just say, the dipping sauce was so good, and the chips had a bit of a kick, awesome! The pasta dish I ordered was Chicken Vesuvio, which is penne pasta and chicken with fresh mushrooms, asparagus, red peppers & onions, tossed in a lite white wine garlic butter sauce with chicken, and warm homemade bread, yummm!  Ann was pondering several choices, and in the end she ordered a sesame ahi tuna sandwich, which she really enjoyed. Diana ordered pasta as well, in a creamy tomato sauce with several different types of cheese and chicken. For anyone who has ever read any of my blog or my recipes in the local paper, you know dessert factors in heavily, ok probably the wrong turn of phrase to be used in this sentence, but dessert factors heavily into my life.  When you can have a dessert experience that varies from the everyday, oh you want it!! Jenny deftly ran through our dessert choices, and of course there was a standout, which I promptly ordered with 3 forks.  It was a chocolate cake made with Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Stout, and let me tell you, the vanilla undertones of the Bourbon Barrel Stout were highlighted in this dessert, not to mention that it was so moist, and light and the number one thing, just chocolatey enough to satisfy, but not over the top.  Double Yummy!

I have eaten at TDubs probably a half a dozen times, and have found something new and tastey each time.  Diana had been to TDubs before for a work related dinner.  Ann has lived in Waupaca County most, if not all of her life and she had never been to TDubs.  So it just goes to show you, there are alot of things to do and see right here in Waupaca County.

Many people think they need to go outside of Waupaca County to experience Wisconsin, and I am here to tell you, the heart of Wisconsin beats right here in Waupaca County.

I challenge you to find those things that are right around you, and experience something new.  It’s your day!

Rooms of Blooms at the Paine Art Center and Gardens

March 11th, 2014


Rooms of Blooms, held at the Paine Art Center and Gardens, is such a beautiful event.  Being able to enjoy the Paine Art Center as well as the flowers which seemed to be matched to the paintings that hung near them to a T.  The Florist’s adaptation of the canvas, as it were.  The competition in the Great Hall, that the public could vote on were 7 tables set with each designer’s beautiful and all very different ideas and looks to them.  Florists from around the Fox Valley did an amazing job. One of our Waupaca County Florists were featured, Cathy Spiegelberg owner/designer of Premier Petals in Weyauwega.  Cathy designed the flower arrangements in the Master Bedroom at the Paine for Rooms of Blooms, and they were amazing.  Kudo’s to all of the designers whose work made Rooms of Blooms amazing!  Thank you one and all.


Vegetable Hat

Waupaca Curling Club Open House

March 10th, 2014

IMG_20140307_190256_resized (1)


Our March adventure was new for all of us and in light of the recent Olympics, very timely.  Yes you guessed it, curling.   The history of curling is proud and long. The first written evidence of curling appeared in the year 1540 and what started as an enjoyable winter pasttime of throwing stones over ice to pass the long European winters, and the first recognized Curling Clubs were formed in Scotland.  At the 1924 Olympics began gaining international prominance as a competitive sport.

The etiquette of the sport is very refreshing especially in these days and times of conduct in sports coming into question.  Each match begins and ends with shaking your teams hands as well as the opposing team.  I remember thinking when I would watch curling, that it was a bit of a mystery and wondered if anyone can learn.  Well let me just answer that question, and the answer is yes.  The terminology is very interesting, he area within the concentric circles at each end of the sheet is called “the house”. The small circle at the centre of the house is known as “the button”. The exact centre of the house is known as “the tee”. The specific ice surface upon which a curling game is played, is known as “the sheet”.  The action of moving a broom or brush back and forth in front of the path of a moving stone to clean or polish the ice surface is of course known as “sweeping”.  The player who directs play for the team is known as “the skip”. The first player on a team to deliver two stones in each end is known as “the lead”. The second curler on a team to deliver two stones in each end is known as “the second”. The third curler on a team to deliver two stones in each end, is known as “the third”. Removal of a stone from the playing area by hitting it with another stone is known as “the takeout”.The curved path of a stone as it travels down the sheet of ice is known as “the curl.   A team scores one point for each of its stones that is within the house and closer to the button than any stone of the opposing team. A curling competition or tournament is known as a “bonspiel”.

The Waupaca Curling Club, according to one of their members was formed in 1875.  In the early days there was curling outdoors in the town square.  The Waupaca Curling Club is located at 216 S. Franklin Street in Waupaca.  We attended an open house, which they offer several times each year, an opportunity for the public to learn about curling and to try the sport with free instruction.  Food & fun!  I don’t think any of us really knew what to expect, but we forged ahead, and on Friday evening we walked into the Waupaca Curling Club.  We were greeted at the sign-in table and one of the gentleman seated behind the sign in table had worked in Manawa for many years and I hadn’t seen him since his retirement and it was good to see Don there.  In talking with Don, I learned that he curled with “a stick”, which has allowed many curlers to continue the sport well past the point that we start to get “the creaks” as we age.  The traditional way to curl is by using a “slider” the slippery material placed on the sole of the sliding shoe, which makes it easier to slide on the ice. Your “slider” is the opposite, if your right handed, your “slider” is your left foot and vice versa.  The player crouches down with their feet in “the hack”, which is the foot-hold at each end of the ice which is used by a player to start the delivery of a curling stone, and for lack of a better word, while your holding onto the stone, you shoot out of the crouching position and with momentum travel down to the “hog line”, which is a line extending across the width of the sheet that is parallel to and located 6.40 m. (21 ft.) from each tee line.  Now whether you want the stone to curl clockwise or counter clockwise, depends on how you release the stone.  It reminds me of when you are shooting pool and you put some “english” on a pool shot, the same applies in curling.  If you release the stone with your hand or stick moving to the left, then you will putting a counter clockwise curl on the stone.  To the right, clockwise spin.  By far the most challenging part of curling, at least for me, was or is the sweeping.  To stay in front of the stone is certainly not as easy as it looks when your watching a match.

We split into two groups once the basic premise of curling and the terms were explained.  Those who were releasing the stone in the more traditional manner, and myself who was using the stick.  My reason for using the stick is really two fold.  #1.  The old gray mare just ain’t what she used to be.  #2 One person physically challenged in our house is enough at any given time.  So I was taught how to curl using the stick from a gentleman who has been curling for 6 years, Nigel, he was a really great teacher.  Very patient, very knowledgable and really just enjoys curling.  Don, who I mentioned earlier, also helped.  Diana had started in the traditional group, and then joined us to try her hand at using the stick.  Just like cross country skiing, she is a natural.  Ann chose to stay in the traditional group and she did well, she wound up on the ice a couple of times in the way none of us like to connect with the ice, but she hung in there and did great.

The members of the Waupaca Curling Club really enjoy getting together.  There are various leagues, some are more for fun, some are more serious curling going on.  Barb, one of the members I spoke with, said this winter, they came in to curl just to warm up.  Nearly every day of the week there is something happening at the Curling Club.

Sunday Night – Mixed League – play begins at 4:00pm

Monday Night – Open League- play begins at 6:30.

Tuesday Night – Womens’ League – play begins at 6:30.

Wednesday Night – Men’s League – Play starts at 6:30.

Wednesday Morning- Casual Curling – open league   for whoever shows up. Socializing starts at 9:00  Play begins at   9:30.

Thursday Night – Men’s League – Play starts at 6:30.

Friday Night – 6:00 pm.  Friday Curl and Fry,   part of Casual Curling program, guests welcome, selected nights, see   calendar page. Open format, curl a six end game and then go out for   fish.

Saturday Night –     NEW! Select Saturdays:   Play begins 5:00, Social to follow. you can see Calendar tab for start-up and schedule dates.

The Curling Club offers Bonspiels through the year as well.

Women’s Blaze Orange Bonspiel: “The BOB”.  An annual event held on the opening weekend of deer hunting.

Senior Men’s Bonspiel –  Held in early December for curlers age 55 and up.  This is a fast moving two day spiel with a sixteen team limit, so sign early.

Men’s Bonspiel – Great food, fast ice, competition, entertainment and an open bar make this a spiel you shouldn’t miss.   Held the last weekend in January.

Roarin’ Rookie Bonspiel-This is an intra-club spiel held in early February, and is designed to give new curlers a taste for bonspieling.  Each team must have at least one rookie, and those with more than one get a handicap.  Guests are welcome, especially those who haven’t curled before or who have been away from the game.  Sign up early, as this event fills quickly.

I continue to meet the nicest people who love what they do and what Waupaca County has to offer for recreation.  Explore what is in your own backyard here in Waupaca County, I guarantee you will learn things you didn’t know were even here.

The adventure continues all over Waupaca County.