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Rooms of Blooms at the Paine Art Center and Gardens

March 11, 2014 by Judy Trull


Rooms of Blooms, held at the Paine Art Center and Gardens, is such a beautiful event.  Being able to enjoy the Paine Art Center as well as the flowers which seemed to be matched to the paintings that hung near them to a T.  The Florist’s adaptation of the canvas, as it were.  The competition in the Great Hall, that the public could vote on were 7 tables set with each designer’s beautiful and all very different ideas and looks to them.  Florists from around the Fox Valley did an amazing job. One of our Waupaca County Florists were featured, Cathy Spiegelberg owner/designer of Premier Petals in Weyauwega.  Cathy designed the flower arrangements in the Master Bedroom at the Paine for Rooms of Blooms, and they were amazing.  Kudo’s to all of the designers whose work made Rooms of Blooms amazing!  Thank you one and all.


Vegetable Hat

Waupaca Curling Club Open House

March 10, 2014 by Judy Trull

IMG_20140307_190256_resized (1)


Our March adventure was new for all of us and in light of the recent Olympics, very timely.  Yes you guessed it, curling.   The history of curling is proud and long. The first written evidence of curling appeared in the year 1540 and what started as an enjoyable winter pasttime of throwing stones over ice to pass the long European winters, and the first recognized Curling Clubs were formed in Scotland.  At the 1924 Olympics began gaining international prominance as a competitive sport.

The etiquette of the sport is very refreshing especially in these days and times of conduct in sports coming into question.  Each match begins and ends with shaking your teams hands as well as the opposing team.  I remember thinking when I would watch curling, that it was a bit of a mystery and wondered if anyone can learn.  Well let me just answer that question, and the answer is yes.  The terminology is very interesting, he area within the concentric circles at each end of the sheet is called “the house”. The small circle at the centre of the house is known as “the button”. The exact centre of the house is known as “the tee”. The specific ice surface upon which a curling game is played, is known as “the sheet”.  The action of moving a broom or brush back and forth in front of the path of a moving stone to clean or polish the ice surface is of course known as “sweeping”.  The player who directs play for the team is known as “the skip”. The first player on a team to deliver two stones in each end is known as “the lead”. The second curler on a team to deliver two stones in each end is known as “the second”. The third curler on a team to deliver two stones in each end, is known as “the third”. Removal of a stone from the playing area by hitting it with another stone is known as “the takeout”.The curved path of a stone as it travels down the sheet of ice is known as “the curl.   A team scores one point for each of its stones that is within the house and closer to the button than any stone of the opposing team. A curling competition or tournament is known as a “bonspiel”.

The Waupaca Curling Club, according to one of their members was formed in 1875.  In the early days there was curling outdoors in the town square.  The Waupaca Curling Club is located at 216 S. Franklin Street in Waupaca.  We attended an open house, which they offer several times each year, an opportunity for the public to learn about curling and to try the sport with free instruction.  Food & fun!  I don’t think any of us really knew what to expect, but we forged ahead, and on Friday evening we walked into the Waupaca Curling Club.  We were greeted at the sign-in table and one of the gentleman seated behind the sign in table had worked in Manawa for many years and I hadn’t seen him since his retirement and it was good to see Don there.  In talking with Don, I learned that he curled with “a stick”, which has allowed many curlers to continue the sport well past the point that we start to get “the creaks” as we age.  The traditional way to curl is by using a “slider” the slippery material placed on the sole of the sliding shoe, which makes it easier to slide on the ice. Your “slider” is the opposite, if your right handed, your “slider” is your left foot and vice versa.  The player crouches down with their feet in “the hack”, which is the foot-hold at each end of the ice which is used by a player to start the delivery of a curling stone, and for lack of a better word, while your holding onto the stone, you shoot out of the crouching position and with momentum travel down to the “hog line”, which is a line extending across the width of the sheet that is parallel to and located 6.40 m. (21 ft.) from each tee line.  Now whether you want the stone to curl clockwise or counter clockwise, depends on how you release the stone.  It reminds me of when you are shooting pool and you put some “english” on a pool shot, the same applies in curling.  If you release the stone with your hand or stick moving to the left, then you will putting a counter clockwise curl on the stone.  To the right, clockwise spin.  By far the most challenging part of curling, at least for me, was or is the sweeping.  To stay in front of the stone is certainly not as easy as it looks when your watching a match.

We split into two groups once the basic premise of curling and the terms were explained.  Those who were releasing the stone in the more traditional manner, and myself who was using the stick.  My reason for using the stick is really two fold.  #1.  The old gray mare just ain’t what she used to be.  #2 One person physically challenged in our house is enough at any given time.  So I was taught how to curl using the stick from a gentleman who has been curling for 6 years, Nigel, he was a really great teacher.  Very patient, very knowledgable and really just enjoys curling.  Don, who I mentioned earlier, also helped.  Diana had started in the traditional group, and then joined us to try her hand at using the stick.  Just like cross country skiing, she is a natural.  Ann chose to stay in the traditional group and she did well, she wound up on the ice a couple of times in the way none of us like to connect with the ice, but she hung in there and did great.

The members of the Waupaca Curling Club really enjoy getting together.  There are various leagues, some are more for fun, some are more serious curling going on.  Barb, one of the members I spoke with, said this winter, they came in to curl just to warm up.  Nearly every day of the week there is something happening at the Curling Club.

Sunday Night – Mixed League – play begins at 4:00pm

Monday Night – Open League- play begins at 6:30.

Tuesday Night – Womens’ League – play begins at 6:30.

Wednesday Night – Men’s League – Play starts at 6:30.

Wednesday Morning- Casual Curling – open league   for whoever shows up. Socializing starts at 9:00  Play begins at   9:30.

Thursday Night – Men’s League – Play starts at 6:30.

Friday Night – 6:00 pm.  Friday Curl and Fry,   part of Casual Curling program, guests welcome, selected nights, see   calendar page. Open format, curl a six end game and then go out for   fish.

Saturday Night –     NEW! Select Saturdays:   Play begins 5:00, Social to follow. you can see Calendar tab for start-up and schedule dates.

The Curling Club offers Bonspiels through the year as well.

Women’s Blaze Orange Bonspiel: “The BOB”.  An annual event held on the opening weekend of deer hunting.

Senior Men’s Bonspiel –  Held in early December for curlers age 55 and up.  This is a fast moving two day spiel with a sixteen team limit, so sign early.

Men’s Bonspiel – Great food, fast ice, competition, entertainment and an open bar make this a spiel you shouldn’t miss.   Held the last weekend in January.

Roarin’ Rookie Bonspiel-This is an intra-club spiel held in early February, and is designed to give new curlers a taste for bonspieling.  Each team must have at least one rookie, and those with more than one get a handicap.  Guests are welcome, especially those who haven’t curled before or who have been away from the game.  Sign up early, as this event fills quickly.

I continue to meet the nicest people who love what they do and what Waupaca County has to offer for recreation.  Explore what is in your own backyard here in Waupaca County, I guarantee you will learn things you didn’t know were even here.

The adventure continues all over Waupaca County.

Iola Winter Sports Club

February 24, 2014 by Judy Trull



As you may or may not know, my goal for 2014 is to choose different things to do in and around Waupaca County, and not just to blog about them.  So my adventure of choice for the month of February was to try my luck (and I use the term loosely) at cross country skiing.  We do have some of the loveliest spots to cross country ski here in Waupaca County, one of them being the Iola Winter Sports Club.  For those of you that are not familiar with Iola, Wisconsin; it is steeped in Nordic history and have become one of the communities in Waupaca County that has embraced their history from Vidar of Iola, the wooden viking statue that stands proudly to Lutefisk suppers, Iola is a charming community full of people that are proud of their Nordic heritage.  So it is in this place that we find ourselves today.  As we pull up to the Winter Sports Club and walk into the Chalet, we are greeted by two of the many volunteers that man the Chalet. Ann, Diana and I let them know that this is our first time skiing and they get us outfitted with ski boots, poles and skis.  Once we have the boots on and the rest of our gear, we head outside to get a quick run down of how to put the skis on and get the poles, stick to the tracks and a bit of trail etiquette,and we’re off.  As Ann, Diana and I are getting the hang of “sliding” on the skis, (and for myself I really am using the term loosely) we face a choice, whether to go to the left or to the right. Diana wisely informs me that “they said to stay to the left” and of course what do I say?  You guessed it, oh let’s just keep to the right, that hill doesn’t look that bad.  Never judge a book by its cover is wisdom, even when deciding, which trail to take when cross country skiing, because just let me say there were more after that, and no I am not talking mountains, however when you are out for the first time, probably a bit more then you want to contend with right away.  I have to say Diana was a natural, she picked up the whole gliding, sliding motion really quickly.  Ann, did really well, she and I did take off our ski’s at one point and walk a bit and even when she was out of sight and all I could hear was a lengthy scream, she stayed standing and on her skis.  They are both so much fun and a joy to be around.  Last but certainly not least is me, I did enjoy the cross country skiing, but have to admit that I might of spent as much time perfecting the art of falling (and perfecting is in the eye of the beholder) as I did on the skis.  It really doesn’t matter from my standpoint,  if you fall backwards, forward or to the side, I must say I found all of them equally humbling.  The upside of it was, I really knew how to get those ski’s on and off by the end of the trail.

We have had guests at our Inn that have come simply for the outdoors in winter, and some have chosen the cross country skiing at the Iola Winter Sports Club with 8 miles of trails, and 4 1/2 miles which are lit for night skiing it is a beautiful place to see and be a part of even if on a sunny albeit windy day in February.  We were told that the conditions were “challenging” today, because of the past few days of weather.  It was fun to be outdoors, with friends and trying something I had never done before.  Not quite sure what next month will bring, but you will see it here as we learn together more about Waupaca County and the many things there are to experience.

And to quote Don Pardo the voice of  the sports bloopers segment on the Today Show….”Until next time……if there is a next time”!

Diana up on her ski’s and yours truly on the ground, and Ann bringing up the rear with the camera, love it!


Snowshoeing Mosquito Hill Style

January 19, 2014 by Judy Trull

snowshoeing and other fun 084This year I thought that instead of just blogging about things in the third person, it was time to get out and experience some of them for myself.  So with that in mind, the first adventure for my year of experiencing the countryside around us in a new way, was to snowshoe.  Mosquito Hill Nature Center, just outside of New London, Wisconsin is offering  Serious Snowshoe Sundays in January and February from Noon to 3 p.m., it seemed like a good beginning.  You can take the entire 8 week course, and to be honest as a newbie that seemed a bit daunting, so I decided just to go for one Sunday to see how it went. When we arrived, we paid our fee at the office and then after chatting with some folks around us, some were newbies and some had gone snowshoeing in the past, the class began. The word class sounds so formal, it was really Mary and Don talking to us about the trails, and the snowshoes, that it is important to stay well hydrated on the trail and to be dressed appropriately for the temperatures, followed by some light stretching to ready our bodies for the trail that lay before us.    After getting our snowshoes, then the task of putting on the snowshoes was at times a bit comical, but for the most part did rather well.  Within the small group of the 4 of us, we have varying skill levels, Diana and I who had never gone snowshoeing…ever, and Ann who snowshoes several times a season, and Barb who has been snowshoeing since 1999ish, and both Ann and Barb can snowshoe close to where they live as well.  Thankfully, Barb thought it might be helpful for me to have a set of poles, which Don kindly loaned me and adjusted for me as well.  I must say I think the poles made for more stability with the snowshoes.  Anyone who has walked beside me, knows that walking a straight line is a challenge for me with regular shoes, let alone snow shoes, so the poles were a welcome addition.  It was a brisk, bright day and the entire group (class) set off on the trail.  We kept to the back of the pack, so that we could visit with one another as we worked our way along the trail.  Deer tracks were plentiful and the day was beautiful and still, except for the folks snowmobiling on the river and the sound of our own voices, which all seemed so small compared to the gorgeous day in the woods.  The decision was ours as to how far we went on the trails and I believe we wound up doing approximately 1.5 miles of the trails, we were out on the trails about 1.75 hours.  There were those people who returned before us and those who came in after us.  There were light snacks and bottled water provided as well, so you could refuel upon your return.  We all enjoyed ourselves, and I would go again for sure.  Mosquito Hill has snowshoe rental available, so if you have thought you have to put a lot of upfront costs into snowshoes and gear, you really don’t.  So thank you Mary Swifka for checking on us on the trail, and thank you Diana, Ann and Barb….I had a blast and it was such fun! MHNC-SnowshoeTrails2010-11

Tammy’s Total Harmony-Massage & Biofeedback

February 4, 2013 by Judy Trull

When we purchased the Lindsay House 8+ years ago, I was excited to be part of a small community as well as part of a thriving business community.  I met Tammy through the Manawa Chamber of Commerce and liked her right away.  What’s not to like, she is a massage therapist and passionate about her client’s ultimate health and incorporating her extensive knowledge and she is hungry to learn more to be able to better assist them to that end.  Tammy and I have worked together off and on over the time that we have owned our Bed and Breakfast, we always want to offer a full relaxation experience and massage fits right into that philosophy.

Tammy talks to her clients’ regarding any areas of concern or pain that they have prior to beginning their massage, and many people may not know that she offers different types of massages as well.

Guests will sometimes request that the massages take place here at the Inn, and we set up a common area upstairs and screen it off so that it offers more privacy, and guests enjoy that Tammy will visit the Inn and give them their massages right here.

If you would like to add a therapeutic massage with Tammy to your stay at Lindsay House Bed and Breakfast, mention it when your making your reservation by phone, or when booking on-line just add it into the special requests field.

For those of you who are more local, contact Tammy at Total Harmony-Massage & Biofeedback give her a call at 920-878-0123 to schedule your massage.  Tammy Total Harmony-Massage & Biofeedback is also on Facebook, and you can visit her website at


Swedish Massage

This is a very light effleurage over the entire body that will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.  After a hard days work this is an excellent massage to receive to relieve the tension that builds up throughout the day. 

30 min. – $35        60 min. – $55

Neuromuscular / Deep Tissue Therapy

This technique is an evaluation of various muscles.  Depending on what is ailing you, Tammy is trained to use specific techniques to determine the most effective protocols to follow that will assist in your recovery.

30 min. – $50        60 min. – $65

Raindrop Therapy

Using 9 essential oils and“raining” them along the spine and using specific massage techniques these oils are blended into the skin, then, by applying heat the oils are activated to relieve deep muscle tension.

                             60 min. – $75

Cranial Sacral Therapy

This technique is working with the subtle stimuli of the cranial rhythms and how they affect the cranial bones, soft tissue and fascia.  With no more pressure than the weight of a nickel, this work is light and gentle yet very effective.

30 min. – $50        60 min. – $65

Stone Therapy

Hot and cold stones, along with essential oils are used in this technique. It is a one of a kind massage that takes 1 ½ to complete. The rocks that I have collected come from rivers and the ocean and they have a rhythm of their own that will bring your body into a harmony of wellness.

                             90 min. – $120

Romance….Manawa style!

February 3, 2013 by Judy Trull

You Have My Heart, Sweet Valentine LoveThere are a few things happening in the Manawa area for this season of love. Perhaps your planning on celebrating on the day, or maybe the weekend before or the weekend after.  Whenever you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day, we wanted to share with you some offerings in our area to help with the celebration.

Smith’s Manawa Steak House, who we have mentioned on our blog in past posts, and also they are our restaurant of choice when offering our Romance Packages.  To that end that they are offering the following specials for Valentine’s Day.  If you’ve never experienced a meal at the Steak House, just let me say, the conversation is lively, the portions are large and they offer awesome service.

24 oz Rib-eye for Two

8 oz. Tenderloin & 6 oz Lobster for Two

Seafood Alfredo for Two

Ribs & Shrimp for Two

Shrimp Feast for Two- 2 Stuffed, 8 broiled, 8 battered, 10 skewered shrimp

Tammy’s Total Harmony – Massage, & Biofeedback is offering champagne and strawberries to be enjoyed while you relax with a thirty minute massage for each of you ($70.00 total).

The Flower Pot offers beautiful arrangements and of course the quintessential red roses for that special someone.

Here at the Lindsay House we have a few special things planned…..chocolate truffles and a long stemmed rose awaiting you in your room.   In the morning, a beverage tray outside your door and prelude to a full gourmet breakfast in the dining room, complete with candlelight and soft music.

Enjoy Valentine’s day in beautiful Manawa, located in the heart of Waupaca County!

“Life is moving fast…if you don’t stop and look around once in awhile…you could miss it”

November 9, 2012 by Judy Trull

I have been thinking quite a bit about how life can change in an instant, in those moments your life becomes something new, perhaps something you never even planned on, but there it is all the same, not good, not bad….just different.  The thing is, is that in those moments, when all we want to do is return to what is familiar, that change can be the most challenging.  Those people in your life, family, friends, acquaintances that come along side you in those moments are such a blessing.  To know that even in some of the dimmest places we are thought of, cared for and loved…that is truly amazing.  I challenge you to stay connected or reconnect with those you love.  You may be thinking that your as connected as you have always been, and you might be right.  Perhaps it’s simply having friends over for dinner for no reason at all, unwinding with a glass of wine at the end of the day, meeting a friend for coffee to catch up on their life.  I always think a bed and breakfast can be a part of reconnecting, a weekend or even an evening away from the to do list can be just what is needed.  Whatever you choose to do….remember… is moving fast…if you don’t stop and look around once in awhile…you could miss it!



*title of this blogpost is taken from a hilarious movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”


September 27, 2012 by Judy Trull


We recently have had the opportunity to work with the New London Chamber of Commerce and take advantage of a benefit that they offer to their members (that would be us!).  It is an introduction of sorts, introducing you and your business to the New London area via the video, interview process.  Now I have to tell you, I have never been thrilled with the idea of being on camera, however, am stoked about getting the message out there about our Bed and Breakfast and what we are about, and dispelling some of the myths and preconceived ideas that people have about bed and breakfasts.  So here is our video, I would like to thank Laurie Shaw, the New London Chamber Director and also to Dick Johnson and the City of New London for getting the word out about the businesses that are affiliated with the New London Chamber. So please put your trays and seat backs in their upright positions and get ready for take off…and please remember to keep your hands and feet inside the moving car!  And let the show begin!

Meet Lindsay House Bed and Breakfast

Peak Fall Color in Central Waupaca County a.k.a. What the “leaf peepers” saw!

September 15, 2012 by Judy Trull



It is hard to believe that it is that time of year already for the annual fall colors, and here in Central Waupaca County they are magnificent.  This has been an odd year for weather to say the very least, which does impact the fall colors, how early or late they change and how brilliant they are as well.  There are several sources to find out when the fall colors will be at their peak is a great resource to utilize for travel any time of year.

Also for travels not only within the State of Wisconsin, but also for any “leaf peeper” travel throughout the U.S.  There are country roads with brilliant colors on either sides of the roads meandering through quaint small towns and villages, dotted with coffee shops, bakeries, the quintessential supper club and parks, rivers, lakes, bike trails and much, much more.  Come out and explore all that Waupaca County has to offer, stay with us right here in Manawa, located “in the heart of Waupaca County” at Lindsay House Bed and Breakfast, where the joy of living is served daily.


Tellock’s Hill Woods

September 2, 2012 by Judy Trull

Hepatica nobilisTrillium with Bishop´s CapDutchman´s Breeches


We have learned of a spot within several miles of our bed and breakfast that is a true “climax” forest.  The climax forest is the final growth stage showing the most mature trees.  As the trees grow older, they die and topple to the ground, which adds more layers to the already thick decaying matter on the floor of the woods, which gives life to the next round of flowers and trees.  The trees can range up to 120 feet high and 200 years in age, and beneath the trees lay beautiful woodland wildflowers. Trillium, Dutchman’s breeches, the Trout Lily, Hepaticas and Bishops Cap to name a few.   There are rare tree frogs, and red backed and blue spotted salamanders as well. Tellock’s Hill Woods was designated a State Natural Area in 1972 by the Tellock family. Another treasure in our own backyard, what else will we discover just over the next hill or around the next curve right here in our own Waupaca County?