Pigeon River Brewing

August 5, 2014 by Judy Trull

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon, my friend and I finally found the time  to go together to C&C Sales in Marion, Wisconsin.  Now for those of you who don’t know what C&C Sales is, it is an Amish grocery/dry goods store, where you can buy things like flour and sugar and other baking stuffs and groceries for a very reasonable price.  Once we arrived, and Tim was able to go in and “jones” around as we like to refer to it.  We discovered that not only do they carry a variety of grocery items they also carry some furniture, handmade rugs and other items.  One of those items being fresh fruit, it happened to be cherries that day.  You can place your order and C&C Sales will contact you once the fruit arrives, and of course we had to order fruit, more on those adventures later.

The second part of our day was stopping at Pigeon River Brewing for a bite to eat.  I have heard that their menu is very good, and we were not disappointed.  The service as well as the food was outstanding.  Blair and I split a black and blue burger and some of the best homemade fries I have ever tasted.  Seasoned just right.  Tim ordered a pizza, which of course I had to sample a piece and it was yummy as well.  Tim’s brother Thomas ordered a burger and fries and his was very tasty as well.  I am not a person who knows much about beer or the brewing thereof.  However I know enough to know that when you find people who are passionate about what they do, so much so that they want to share it with the world, that is a winning combination, and that is what Pigeon River Brewing has in spades.  So kudos to two gentleman for having a passion for brewing beer and let’s raise a toast to dreaming of big dreams.

The third part of our day was to stop at Dupont Cheese on the way back to Manawa from Marion.  I never tire of seeing all the different types of cheese and how delicious it is.  Dupont is no exception.  They have many varieties of beautiful cheeses to choose from.  Many of the dairy farms surrounding Manawa and Marion is where the cheese begins its journey as milk.  At Lindsay House Bed & Breakfast, we do our level best to keep the farmer’s in business.  Dupont is just a few minutes from Manawa on Highway 110.


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Encouraging Signs

March 25, 2010 by Judy Trull

They say Spring has sprung. I am not sure I will go that far based on the “blustery day” we have here in Manawa today. However we see signs all around us that we are on the verge of change here in our community.  It is exciting to me as a business owner that there are others who are banking on Manawa being a source of business and revenue not only for them but for their businesses as well.  They are investing in the future not only of Manawa, but Wisconsin.  When Tim & I decided to move forward with purchasing a Bed & Breakfast, the Lindsay House wasn’t the only thing beckoning us to this community.  It was also a sense of family and pride in the community that drew us here.  As we have celebrated our 5th year as owners of Lindsay House Bed & Breakfast, we are also thankful to be part of a community of people who not only care about one another but also of the growth and prosperity and survival of their community.  We are fortunate to have as new businesses in our Community, Cowboys Bar, whose owner works locally and decided to also invest in Manawa by buying an existing business and making it his own.  We also have had Gunner’s Garage open in an existing building, just north of Manawa. Our own Trey Foerster who for years has owned and worked in the publishing business in Waupaca County will have his photography which he has done over the years displayed at Gunner’s Garage.  They are a business that specializes in spotlighting cars, Trey has photographed many classic cars over the years at the Iola Car Show and it will be exciting that his work will be on display.  He has contributed a photograph to our website and has a wonderful talent and eye for the photos he takes.  We salute the entrepreneurial spirit that is alive and well in Manawa, may the spark continue!