Pigeon River Brewing

August 5, 2014 by Judy Trull

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon, my friend and I finally found the time  to go together to C&C Sales in Marion, Wisconsin.  Now for those of you who don’t know what C&C Sales is, it is an Amish grocery/dry goods store, where you can buy things like flour and sugar and other baking stuffs and groceries for a very reasonable price.  Once we arrived, and Tim was able to go in and “jones” around as we like to refer to it.  We discovered that not only do they carry a variety of grocery items they also carry some furniture, handmade rugs and other items.  One of those items being fresh fruit, it happened to be cherries that day.  You can place your order and C&C Sales will contact you once the fruit arrives, and of course we had to order fruit, more on those adventures later.

The second part of our day was stopping at Pigeon River Brewing for a bite to eat.  I have heard that their menu is very good, and we were not disappointed.  The service as well as the food was outstanding.  Blair and I split a black and blue burger and some of the best homemade fries I have ever tasted.  Seasoned just right.  Tim ordered a pizza, which of course I had to sample a piece and it was yummy as well.  Tim’s brother Thomas ordered a burger and fries and his was very tasty as well.  I am not a person who knows much about beer or the brewing thereof.  However I know enough to know that when you find people who are passionate about what they do, so much so that they want to share it with the world, that is a winning combination, and that is what Pigeon River Brewing has in spades.  So kudos to two gentleman for having a passion for brewing beer and let’s raise a toast to dreaming of big dreams.

The third part of our day was to stop at Dupont Cheese on the way back to Manawa from Marion.  I never tire of seeing all the different types of cheese and how delicious it is.  Dupont is no exception.  They have many varieties of beautiful cheeses to choose from.  Many of the dairy farms surrounding Manawa and Marion is where the cheese begins its journey as milk.  At Lindsay House Bed & Breakfast, we do our level best to keep the farmer’s in business.  Dupont is just a few minutes from Manawa on Highway 110.


Pigeon RiverPigeon River New Logo

Snowshoeing Mosquito Hill Style

January 19, 2014 by Judy Trull

snowshoeing and other fun 084This year I thought that instead of just blogging about things in the third person, it was time to get out and experience some of them for myself.  So with that in mind, the first adventure for my year of experiencing the countryside around us in a new way, was to snowshoe.  Mosquito Hill Nature Center, just outside of New London, Wisconsin is offering  Serious Snowshoe Sundays in January and February from Noon to 3 p.m., it seemed like a good beginning.  You can take the entire 8 week course, and to be honest as a newbie that seemed a bit daunting, so I decided just to go for one Sunday to see how it went. When we arrived, we paid our fee at the office and then after chatting with some folks around us, some were newbies and some had gone snowshoeing in the past, the class began. The word class sounds so formal, it was really Mary and Don talking to us about the trails, and the snowshoes, that it is important to stay well hydrated on the trail and to be dressed appropriately for the temperatures, followed by some light stretching to ready our bodies for the trail that lay before us.    After getting our snowshoes, then the task of putting on the snowshoes was at times a bit comical, but for the most part did rather well.  Within the small group of the 4 of us, we have varying skill levels, Diana and I who had never gone snowshoeing…ever, and Ann who snowshoes several times a season, and Barb who has been snowshoeing since 1999ish, and both Ann and Barb can snowshoe close to where they live as well.  Thankfully, Barb thought it might be helpful for me to have a set of poles, which Don kindly loaned me and adjusted for me as well.  I must say I think the poles made for more stability with the snowshoes.  Anyone who has walked beside me, knows that walking a straight line is a challenge for me with regular shoes, let alone snow shoes, so the poles were a welcome addition.  It was a brisk, bright day and the entire group (class) set off on the trail.  We kept to the back of the pack, so that we could visit with one another as we worked our way along the trail.  Deer tracks were plentiful and the day was beautiful and still, except for the folks snowmobiling on the river and the sound of our own voices, which all seemed so small compared to the gorgeous day in the woods.  The decision was ours as to how far we went on the trails and I believe we wound up doing approximately 1.5 miles of the trails, we were out on the trails about 1.75 hours.  There were those people who returned before us and those who came in after us.  There were light snacks and bottled water provided as well, so you could refuel upon your return.  We all enjoyed ourselves, and I would go again for sure.  Mosquito Hill has snowshoe rental available, so if you have thought you have to put a lot of upfront costs into snowshoes and gear, you really don’t.  So thank you Mary Swifka for checking on us on the trail, and thank you Diana, Ann and Barb….I had a blast and it was such fun! MHNC-SnowshoeTrails2010-11

Scandinavia Corn Roast

July 28, 2011 by Judy Trull

43rd Annual Scandinavia Corn Roast Weekend is August 5, 6 & 7th, “Simply Entertaining”

All weekend long you can enjoy carnival rides and concessions, wonderful refreshments and great food, entertainment, a parade on Saturday, ball games, not to mention a Farm & Antique Tractor Pulls, and on Sunday, the Corn Roast!  Saturday & Sunday you can visit the historic Knoph Cabin and Jole Barbershop museums on the grounds.  Sunday is the only day they serve corn.  And it is free and available on Sunday until it is gone, boiled, sweet and yummy!  The Corn Roast and all of the activities are located at Ellison Memorial Park, 110 Industrial Park Drive in the Village of Scandinavia.  There is something for everyone at this well rounded family event!


Symco Unionville 44th Annual Thresheree National Antique Tractor Pull

July 28, 2011 by Judy Trull

History of Waupaca County, Wisconsin

Experience the history of rural Wisconsin at the Thresheree

The Town of Unionville is alive and well in Symco, WI.  Unionville was the original name, you can no longer find it on a map, but the hear of the town is still beating with the help of a host of volunteers in the Thresherman as well as their friends and family that make Unionville not only come alive for the  and stay alive all year long.  Unionville consists of more than 60 buildings including a church, school, bank, fire and police station, saloon, tractor repair shop, shoe shop, post office, barbershop, general store, print shop and a sawmill.   This is the first year visitors will be able to see the water-powered feel mill in operation.  The stone mills were found in Tennessee and West Virginia.  The blacksmith shop is also new.  The thing that makes the Thresheree so extraordinary, as well as many events throughout Waupaca County, is that it is virtually run and maintained by an amazing group of volunteers.  People like you and I who are passionate about a hobby or a way of life, and they want to share that with others.  The Thresheree begins Friday July 29th and runs thru Sunday July 31st.  Check out for more details.  Come on out and bring your friends and family!

Passport to History II

June 30, 2011 by Judy Trull

History of Marion, Wisconsin

Explore Wisconsin's history in Marion, WI

In the town of Marion, which is north of Manawa, they have a new museum building which was dedicated in 2009.  There is an extensive collection of tools that were previously housed in the Marion Depot.  The Marion Depot is an original Chicago Northwestern depot composed of waiting rooms and an office, which are both restored with original furnishings.  Half of the depot stores many different items of interest, such as wooden toys from the Schoenhut Toy Co., circa 1910; WWI and WWII memorabilia as well as an extensive collection of memorabilia from the JFK era.  A variety of items related to the town of Marion, which merchants gave away as what we now refer to as “promotional items” during the early 1900’s.  Postcard photos and handcrafted scale model replicas of the Marion Band Stand, Perry’s Boat and the First National Bank, these items were created by the late Doug Johnson.  There is also a Soo Line caboose, it is the last wooden, cupola-style caboose to be retired.  There is also a switching station and semaphore on the grounds as well.  The Marion Area Historical Society Museums are open every Saturday from Memorial Day until Labor Day 1 to 4 p.m.

Passport to History

June 19, 2011 by Judy Trull

Waupaca County Passport to HistoryIn Waupaca County there is a wealth of historical artifacts and places in which to see them.  The Passport to History is a program that was conceived to help people become aware of the heritage of their Communities as well as the County.  You may pick up a passport at any of the participating historical sites and receive a stamp for each site that you visit and once you have accumulated all the “visa” stamps, you can fill out the form and mail it in, and on November 1st your name will go into a drawing for $100 savings bond or one of two memberships to the Wisconsin Historical Society.

The Clintonville Historical Society is located in Pioneer Park, which is home to 3 historic buildings.  The History House Museum, The Ralph Denn Cabin are open 1 – 4 p.m. June, July and August and are located at 32 – 11th St. in Clintonville.

Our next stop on the Passport to History is Iola, and the Iola Depot.  Also in the Depot St. complex is the Helvetia Town Hall, a log cabin, a reproduction of a one-room school house and the 1901 Firehouse.  Iola is proud of their history and it certainly shows.  It is located at 210 Depot St in Iola and open every Saturday of June, July, August and September from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.

We will continue our “passport to history” in our next blog post!  Stay tuned for even more history of Waupaca County!